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With more than 3 decades in the roofing industry, we can handle all your roof pointing Brisbane based needs. We understand that for many of our valued customers, roof repairs and maintenance can be daunting. Add into that all the different roofing terms and it is a confusing time. What you need is a reputable and expert service like us who will make sure you understand with good old fashioned service and honesty.

Re-pointing is all about the ridge tiles (also called capping tiles), which are the most important tiles on the roof. Ridge tiles need cementing in place and then we apply pointing on the exposed edges as a defence against water. Traditionally, repointing ridge tiles on a roof use a sand and cement mixture, but today, flexible repointing materials are used that minimise the problems of shrinkage and cracking that commonly occur with cement.



Roof Re-Bedding Service in Sunshine Coast
Roof Re-Pointing Service Sunshine Coast

Roof bedding is a sand, cement, mortar mix that holds the roof tiles in place. Over time natural wear occurs from the elements. The most common sign that a roof needs rebedding? Loose tiles! If the owners of the property do not regularly maintain the roof and bedding, it will crack, or even fall off completely and leave the roof tiles unsecured. When rebedding ridge tiles on a roof repointing is also going to happen. 

We will carefully remove any of the old bedding remaining as well as the pointing material. Then we apply our bedding mix and cover with the ridge capping. To make sure all our roofs have straight ridges a ridge rack is used.


Roof re-pointing Brisbane is just one of the skilled services we offer for homes and businesses whether you have a small job or something larger and more complex. 

Re-pointing is the process of repairing damaged mortar along the ridge caps. A clear sign you need repointing is cracks and gaps in the old pointing. Broken, cracked or otherwise damaged pointing is the primary entry point for moisture into the home. Once inside, the moisture continues to do damage, so roof pointing Brisbane is a necessary part of your general home maintenance responsibilities.


At URB'n Roofing we offer a free inspection and assessment of your roof with no obligation. A yearly maintenance check of your roof is a good idea to make sure it is in good condition so you and your home are protected. Too often people put off roofing concerns, because of budget or time issues. But delaying repairs such as repointing ridge tiles on a roof just allow things to deteriorate further. That is going to cost you more down the road than having inspections and smaller repairs along the way. Give us a call and we can come out and help you make the best choice for your situation and budget.