Residential Tile Roof Repairs in Brisbane

URB'n roofing is your first choice for roof repair services. We offer professional tile roof services covering commercial and residential tile roof repairs across all of Brisbane. We also serve the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. With three decades of experience, we offer excellent work every time with honest assessments and competitive pricing. To find out more take a look at the rest of our website or to talk more about tile roof repairs, Brisbane call us on 3171 9444.


Professional Tile Roof Repairs Brisbane


Residential Roof Repairs in Brisbane

Why is it so important to look after your roof?

1) Prevent leaks and further roof damage
When your roof is not well maintained you run into the real risk of further damage happening when debris from falling branches hit it and from harsh weather. That leads to leaks and damage inside the home too. Our expert roof repairs in Brisbane can keep your roof and good condition and protect you from this.

2) Extend the lifespan of your roof
Residential roof repair in Brisbane adds years to your roof’s lifespan. A roof will eventually need replacing, but repairs and restoration and good maintenance can keep it going for a good time.

3) Boost the property’s efficiency and lower your power costs
Calling URB'n Roofing out to handle your tile roof repairs, Brisbane, means you are no longer losing cooled or warmed air from holes in the roof. That saves you money in bills and it is better for the environment by lowering your energy use.

4) Improve the value of your home
If you are going to sell your home then it is not just the inside that needs to be looking good and working correctly. People will want to know about the roof, whether it has been looked after and inspected regularly, how many years it has left. Residential roof repair in Brisbane boosts your roof condition and makes it more sellable. People do not like having to repair or replace a roof unexpectedly!

Tile, Ridge or Barge Cap Replacement

Broken and Cracked Tiles

Is your roof leaking or have you identified some cracked/broken tiles? Our professional team at URB'n Roofing can help you with all kinds of roof repairs in Brisbane, replace those tiles and ensure your roof is watertight! From our no-obligation roof assessment to our polite and always professional roofers, we take pride in offering honesty, great work and top-quality customer service. 


Do you need your roof repointed?

Over time, your roof under the harsh Queensland weather can start to experience various issues like the breakdown of the pointing. At URB'n Roofing our professional tile roof experts use Flexi-point to repoint your roof. We specialise in maintenance, roof repairs and restoration and offer various services to meet our customer’s needs. If you suspect cracking and gaps give us a call and we can come to take a look and let you know if you need your roof repointed and answer any questions you might have.