Roof Painting Service in Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

A Lasting Impact

At URB’n Roofing we have the best specialists for roof painting Brisbane, as well as Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Everything we do, the services we offer, is about repairing, renewing, restoring and revitalising your roof. You will be stunned by what a coating of specialised roof paint can do to lift your roof and your home. Become the house everyone admires in your neighbourhood and let us either refresh the colour you have or change it completely!


Call today on 07 3171 9444 for roof painting Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast and we will talk to you about the options and our very reasonable pricing. Or take some time to explore our website and see what else we can help you with. In case you are looking for gutter and fascia painting services in the Brisbane region then head over to this section on our website.

Roof Painting in Sunshine Coast


Roof Painting Service Gold Coast


URB'n Roofing offers a quality roof painting Gold Coast service that’ll give your roof a fresh new look. It is a fact that living in Australia means years of exposure to the harsh Australian weather will cause paint to fade. Whatever your roof is made from, metal, concrete or even terracotta, painting is possible and a great way to make it beautiful once more. There are a lot of colours to choose from and we are happy to guide you as you choose.


Whether you are having your business property done to better impress your customers or clients, or your home is done to keep it up to date and add value, a roof painting is a great idea. Roof painting Sunshine Coast is something we have more than 30 years of experience with and we know how to do it well!

More than just a superior looking roof

Roof painting is about more than just the aesthetics, if the Glaze totally wears away it can lead to the breakdown of the tile itself or on tin roofs, the dreaded RUST! With year after year of handling all kinds of weather conditions after a time even when the roof itself is still fine, it can need some help with maintenance, repairs and painting. That is what we at URB’n Roofing are good at.

There are more benefits to roof painting Brisbane. The choice of roof colour and paint type can also help reduce thermal absorption. That means you lower your cooling and heating costs, a benefit to your pocket and to the environment. Talk to our painting experts at URB’n Roofing about what works best for your preferences and type of roof.


We can also offer you a free no-obligation roof assessment in case there are any areas we think need repairs before starting the painting. That way you can be completely confident in the condition of your roof. We also clean it before we paint to get rid of all the built-up dirt and debris and to ensure our paint job looks great!